Graceful Aging

Concerned about aging gracefully? Frustrated with wrinkles, sagging skin, brown spots, fine lines, scars and large pores? Low in energy and not feeling like yourself?

We teach you to nourish your skin from the inside out. Adding in a variety of treatment options provides a combination approach to your rejuvenation process:

• Services: Our Facials and Peels are designed as both a maintenance program and a methodology to treat certain issues.

• Our Perfect Peel program is a great way to deal with texture issues, scars, pock marks, large pores and more; it is a more natural and holistic treatment than the more harsh chemical peels

• Education: We pride ourselves on having a knowledgeable staff who will diagnose skin concerns, recommend the right treatment protocols and educate clients on diet, lifestyle and skin care routines.

• Machines: we offer a range of treatment options to alleviate and often eradicate these issues including Ultrasound, Oxygen, LED Light Therapy, Microcurrent and Microdermabrasion

Take home products: It is an essential part of skin care to invest in a good products for use at home. Unfortunately, the majority of skin care products on the market are full of chemicals and fillers and do more harm than good. We offer products designed to provide holistic healing.

• General Health: Dr. Walter will work with you to access your health and provide the latest in holistic testing including hormone, food allergy and sensitivity, micronutrient, neurotransmitters, and IV / vitamin injections and more.

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