Facials at Nobu Integrative Medicine

Express Facial 30 minutes
Cleanse, exfoliate, massage, mask, application of eye serum, cream, moisturizer or moisturizer with sunscreen. Revitalizing & refreshing facial.

Essential Facial 60 minutes
Great for obtaining healthy, radiant skin. Includes cleansing, exfoliation & enzyme mask.. Relaxing massage of the shoulders, neck & face. With all the added components of the Express Facial. Perfect for customized maintenance.

Ultimate Facial 90 minutes
Complete relaxation in addition to all the customized benefits of the Essential Facial. Plus therapeutic massage of face, neck, décolleté including hands.

Sapphire 3 Oxylight Therapies; Light therapy/photo therapy

Applications are combined to maximize face and body treatments. Each Modality works to enhance another, optimal results in less time and cost. Single or combined treatments to address every need.
*Fine lines and wrinkles
*Enlarged/clogged pores
*Sagging skin
*Lymphatic Drainage
*Tightening of the skin and Increased collagen production

Red LED Aids in the stimulation of cells, releasing adenosine triphosphat.

Green LED Improves Hyper-pigmentation, inhibiting melanin production and osmosis to the basal layer of the skin.

Blue LED The most sought-after alternative solution for treating mild acne vulgaris.

Yellow LED For healing, draining and detoxifying properties.

Oxygen Therapy Negative pressure roll ball for face and body gives deep massage of the connective tissue to stimulate lymphatic system flow.

Diamond Microdermabrasion for deep exfoliation.

Oxygen high pressure spray infuses serums & vitamins for a variety of skin treatments.

Revitalizing lift Facial 90 minutes
Skin cleansing followed with Diamond Microdermabrasion to open any clogged pores, Oxygen Lymphatic Drainage to help eliminate toxins, gentle Micro-currents to improve elasticity of skin, stimulate collagen production and strengthen the muscle of the face & neck. Finishing with Red LED panel light therapy for collagen & cell renewal acceleration, with Fortified Oxygen leaving you refreshed.

Blemish Control Facial 90 minutes
Beginning with Diamond Microdermabrasion to unclog pores, Oxygen Lymphatic Drainage to eliminate toxins, gentle micro-currents stimulating collagen & strengthening muscle tone of the face and neck. This therapy is coupled with our Blue LED light therapy to accelerate cell renewal while eliminating acne causing bacteria, as well as Fortified Oxygen to accelerate healing.

Contouring Facial 90 Minutes
This 90 minutes treatment targets areas on your face and neck. Treatment starts with Diamond Abrasion to eliminate dead cells and open clogged pores. Lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins, negative pressure applied to problem areas to remove liquids and toxins, followed by Micro-currents to improve elasticity of the skin. Stimulates circulation and strengthen facial muscles. Treatment is finished with Yellow LED light therapy to accelerate cell renewal, improve skin tone, as well as fortified oxygen to purify and hydrate skin.

Pigmentation Facial 90 Minutes
Great for dark spot or skin pigmentation discolorations. Your treatment includes Diamond Abrasion, Micro-Current Stimulation, lymphatic drainage, oxygen therapy, light therapy, skin brightening mask, and concentrated skin brightening serum moisturizer.

Facial Add-ons
Microcurrent Myolight with LED
Diamond Microdermabrasion
Oxylight Panel light with Oxygen Therapy
Oxygen Infusing Spray

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