Ashley Brenner

I am a local girl born and raised in Bellevue WA. My family had owned a kosher bakery and deli for 60 years that I was to take over one day, but fate had a different path for me. Our bakery sadly closed when I was 18 leaving me lost for what to do with my future. Looking back, I always struggled with acne. I had tried everything starting with over the counter products to spa treatments and finally dermatology, nothing helped. I seemed to be trading in old problems for new ones. Finally I decided to take matters into my own hands and enrolled at the Gary Manuel Aveda institute in Seattle to become an esthetician. This was it, this was my future. At Aveda I studied skincare from a holistic point of view. Aveda teaches you to treat the skin with an ayurvedic point of view, focusing on restoring balance in the skin by looking inside out and not outside in. This was exactly what my skin needed to be healed. Since, I have done a little bit of everything, from working in the room with clients to traveling the US to educating other professionals. I have meet some amazing clients, talented service professional and have seen some drop dead gorgeous spas. Bottom line is I love this industry, I love how there is an endless amount of knowledge that comes out every day about skin and new treatments. I love to share my knowledge with the world. Most of all I love to see the change in my clients skin.

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