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The 60 min facial featuring chocolate enzyme exfoliation, neck and decollete light treatment and antioxidant rich white tea mask.


  • Dr.
    Michelle Walter
    Dr. Walter treats a range of conditions and symptoms through natural care, including immune disorders, depression, gastrointestinal dysfunction, and hormonal imbalances. By using a combination of traditional and alternative medicine, she also treats chronic conditions, like high blood pressure, asthma, and thyroid issues. Dr. Walter helps patients achieve vibrant wellness by nourishing the body, moving it in the right direction, and keeping a positive attitude. Whether it’s removing toxins or rebuilding the immune system, she combines modern medicine with the wisdom of ancient practices to bring patients the best in natural health care.
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  • Jessica Hoffman

    A registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) Jessica is currently accepting new patients. You can contact her at

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  • Ashley Brenner
    I am a local girl born and raised in Bellevue WA. My family had owned a kosher bakery and deli for 60 years that I was to take over one day, but fate had a different path for me. Our bakery sadly closed when I was 18 leaving me lost for what to do with my future. Looking back, I always struggled with acne. I had tried everything starting with over the counter products to spa treatments and finally dermatology, nothing helped.
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