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Use Rhythm to Reinforce Your Healing Practice

Use Rhythm to Reinforce Your Healing Practice

It’s all well and good to have a holistic skin care treatment, massage or acupuncture, but one session will not create lasting effects. The reason is that the impact of the treatment will dissipate with time. In order for gentle forms of therapy such as healing touch, facials, massage or acupuncture to transform you, their effects must be reinforced with regular treatments. If you want to maximize the power of those treatments, use rhythm to reinforce their healing effects. 

Let’s say you see a practitioner every week. Schedule your appointments for the same day each week, or each month, at the same hour – for example, 3pm every Tuesday, or 3pm on the third Tuesday of each month. Your body, mind and spirit will then become aware that they are getting a boost of healing energy in a rhythmic, or wavelike, pattern. With continued treatments, rhythms will rise automatically as the time approaches for your treatment, thus boosting your self-healing forces and conditioning your body to heal. That healing will show in your skin, your face and your body.

 A series of healing baths puts you in touch with your inner life and, at the same time, helps heal the imbalances that may be causing distress. Make a ritual of this practice and see if it doesn’t also stir feelings of deep inner peace. If you prefer to meditate this can also put you in touch with your inner life. I, myself, cannot sit in one place for too long, so a bath is a good way to keep me still. The goal is to simply be.

 Once you have had your bath or meditation, and rested, try doing a simple exercise created by Rudolf Steiner to speed up healing and spiritual development. Remember the day’s details in reverse order – that is, start recalling your day from the evening to the afternoon to the morning to dawn. Steiner maintained that by doing this exercise, we digest and integrate the events, emotions and insights of the day. In effect we get more out of the days and, by extension, our lives. We also deepen the lessons learned that day, which makes them more useful and available to us as we go through life. The exercise sounds simple, but it takes practice. Do it while sitting in a chair. Usually, you’ll get sleepy long before you have fully reviewed the events that took place that day. That’s fine. It’s a good way to allow yourself to get tired and prepare yourself for sleep.

 As you practice the exercise, you’ll increasingly see yourself in a more objective light because you’ll witness yourself from an outside perspective, discovering things about your behavior you never saw before. For example, many people see the ways in which they unconsciously block effective communication, or how they fail to notice the love someone is trying to give them. As you witness yourself struggling to deal with some issue, you also awaken your compassion for yourself, which is extremely healing.

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