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Restoring Beauty with Rhythm

Restoring Beauty with Rhythm

One of the most powerful ways to establish peace in your life and restore your beauty is to live in Harmony with your inner rhythm. Inside you is an internal clock whose pulsations determine when you should wake up in the morning, when you should eat, when your energy levels are peaking, and when it's time for you to rest. These rhythms determine the ebbs and flows of your life.

Most of us live by rhythms that are not our own. Our daily schedule are shaped by the demands of our environment, whether they come from the people we love, our work or our everyday life. Consequently, each day can seem like a psychic tug of war between our own rhythms and those of others. Many of us come to believe that our desires cannot be met unless we have major changes in our lives, like altering important relationships or leaving jobs. Meanwhile, we go on postponing the inner cry for help and care, which causes us to lose contact with our hearts and age prematurely and ultimately, causes our beauty to dry up and wither away.

The beauty of your internal rhythmic clock is that it’s always there and can always be returned to. No matter how demanding and chaotic your days are, you can still come home to the deeply nurturing beats that are your real life. By practicing listening to, as much as possible, living your own inner rhythms, you can find the beauty that is waiting to be discovered.

Your internal rhythms are real as your heartbeat, the rise and fall of your breathing, the ebb and flow of your hormones. In fact, all biological functions occur rhythmically.

Out of your unique biological cycle comes your energy patterns and moods. These waves determine when you are at your best and when you need rest and recover. These are periods in your day, week, and month when you have the energy to give, to love and to nourish others, just as there are periods when your inner rhythm urge you to rest and engage in self-care.

Rhythm is so subtle, yet all pervasive, that we can easily overlook it. Nature, with her cycles of light and darkness, warmth and cold, stillness and movement, is our biological source and our most immediate example of rhythm.

Each of us use rhythm to create some degree of order and stability in our lives. You wake up at a certain hour, eat a meal, go to work or perform certain activities at specific hours, come home again at night, and finally fall asleep, only to wake up each morning relativity renewed. Rhythm is the basis for order, and order is the basis for stability, predictability and good health. Thus rhythm is an antidote to our fear of the unexpected.

We are beings in search of the deep rhythm of our inner lives. The more we listen to our inner music and act in accordance with it, the more we engage in behavior that nourish us, promote our health and restore our beauty.

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