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The 60 min facial featuring chocolate enzyme exfoliation, neck and decollete light treatment and antioxidant rich white tea mask.

What Does it Mean to be Whole?

What Does it Mean to be Whole?

What does it mean to be whole?

We hear a great deal about this mysterious state of wholeness that is the basis for health and beauty. What is wholeness, and how can we achieve it? The simplest way to describe it is as a way of living that allows us to live more and more of who we are.

Most of us have been trained to see certain aspects of ourselves in a negative light. We may view our entire physical appearance or some part of it as unattractive. In the same way, we may have been trained to reject aspects of our character as well. Many of us have learned to see our anger, sexuality, power or desire to perform as negative. Becoming whole is learning to embrace those parts of us that have been rejected or denied and bringing them back into a state of love, compassion, and acceptance. This embrace has a healing effect on our bodies and minds. We become more relaxed inside our skin and more at peace with who we are. When we accept our power as a great gift, we see anger, when used appropriately, as an important self- protective mechanism. When we accept ourselves, we see our sexuality as an essential part of our capacity to love. When we give ourselves permission to express abilities and talents that give joy to ourselves and others. We reduce our inner conflicts and tension. We are no longer divided against ourselves. We are a little more whole, and thus more beautiful.

The beauty that is inside us is expressed in the urge to place flowers on a table, to light a candle at dinner, to harmonize the colors and fabrics of our clothing, to cut and groom our hair in a certain way, to use oils and skincare products; even to change our eating habits, all so that we can experience which wondrous aspect of our being. In the facial room I often start start a facial with some deep breathing and customized music, aromatherapy and massage pressure. Not only are we more relaxed in such an environment, but it is also comforting to the soul to be surrounded by familiar and supportive tools to tap into our inner selves. Beauty is healing- and healing leads to greater beauty.

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