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The 60 min facial featuring chocolate enzyme exfoliation, neck and decollete light treatment and antioxidant rich white tea mask.

Healing the Skin

Healing the Skin

Trying to enhance my own visage, I bring to you my knowledge and wisdom on skin. In this new year I will strive to put out info a couple times a month on what this tomboy has learned about health, wellness and inner beauty.

A big part of healing your inner beauty is healing your skin and restoring its health, vitality, and glow. I have been working in the health and wellness industry for 15 years. I have worked in retail, as an esthetician, an educator and a businesswoman. Today I am lucky to be working as a holistic esthetician with some amazing wellness warriors at Nobu Integrative medicine. Over the course of time I have learned a great deal about what the skin needs to be healthy and beautiful. Unfortunately, many of today's products do more harm than good or simply address symptoms without restoring the skins underlying health function.

No other organ is so intimately connected to our appearance and our beauty than our skin. When we damage our skin, we diminish our beauty and change the way we feel about ourselves overall. Therefore, healing our skin is an essential part of healing our beauty.

Our goal here at Nobu is to heal skin illness and its symptoms but also restore the health function of the overall organism without damaging side effects. That is why we have chosen  two skincare lines that offer just that. Ilike skincare and Circadia by Dr. Puglises. Personally these two lines speak to my philosophies of healing; holistic and synergistic.

Nature provides an abundance of solutions for our everyday needs. That was the philosophy of Aunt Ilcsi from Ilike skincare. Every Ilike product is all natural,  full of vitamins, fruit acids and flavonoids from real herbs, fruits and vegetables. All active ingredients are organically grown and hand picked, hand selected and hand processed into pulps that give the base for all products.

Circadia for three generations, the Pugliese family has committed to bringing you a true blend of science and nature to achieve optimal skin health. The word circadian refers to a 24 hour cycle and describes rhythmic changes in our philosophy and in our behavior. When these biological rhythms are disrupted or become disordered, it can have an adverse effects on our health, appearance and well being. Circadia products honer the extraordinary structure and behavior of the skin and works synergistically with the body to enhance the skin’s own biological functions and achieves optimal health.

There are many philosophies when it come to treating the skin.  Although my approach to skin has always been more than a medicinal approach to the skin, or what you put on your face. I offer practical guidance for slowing down, finding your natural rhythms, and discovering the true beauty that already lives inside you.

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